End-to-End Collaborative Experience

No matter what you're working on — create, collaborate, and share it all with the Notebook.

The notebook you've been waiting for

Whether solo or with a team of family, friends or co-workers, the Notebook brings your ideas together in one place. With a powerful notebook and collaboration enabled through multiplayer support, save and share your thoughts fast and easy.

Robust tools for you and your team

Right within a notebook you can create a list of tasks and assign an owner and due date, provide feedback on what others are writing, and have engaging conversations with your teammates to achieve your goals with greater efficiency.

Spread the word... your words

The “Work in Public” philosophy has been a core tenant of our product from day zero. You can create community workspaces that are an open forum of knowledge, publish your workspace as a website, or pick and choose what notebooks the world can read.

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